Earth Makes First Contact

The trilogy People of Akiane

Earth Makes First Contact

The aliens are descendants of the first humans to colonize the planet Akiane. Colonizing a planet in the Pegasus Constellation was to be Earth’s greatest accomplishment; but Earth lost contact with the colonists and thought the project had failed.

The alien environment changed the settlers so that they’re no longer fully human. After 328 years, the genetic change is breaking down. Of the several thousand who once thrived, less than 250 still live. Time is running out. Unless scientists from Earth can discover the cause of the problem and a cure to save them, the People of Akiane are destined for extinction.


First book, Pegasus Colony

Mission Twice Doomed

WSC Space Force has ordered Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt to negotiate with the rogue

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

colony. There’s a lot riding on her; if she succeeds, her name will go into history as a


If she fails to convince the people of Akiane that they are a colony, history will see her as responsible for WSC’s first military galactic takeover.

Jess is ill equipped for the task. She has no idea why she was chosen. She doesn’t realize that before she can reunite the two worlds, she’s going to have to settle with her own demons first.

So far, her demons are winning.


Second Book, Storms’s Coming

Odds Don’t Look Good

Lt. Jessica Hewitt is working her way across a frozen planet for no good reason. She’s angry with WSC Space Force that has ordered her as negotiator to an alien Earth colony. Now for the sake of public relations, she’d been ordered on an expedition that could kill her. And she’s furious.

Coming 2015

Coming 2015

She has to endure the companion of two natives, who travel with their own agenda, and thirty-three dogs, all of whom want attention.

The planet Akiane seems to have it in for her personally. The planet is warming, whiteouts and blizzards are coming, and she’ll be traumatized by a planet-shaking storm.

Things are only going to get worse.

She must face down her old life, and stand up to her new one.

She must cooperate with her companions otherwise her chances of surviving are slim.


Third Book, Jessica’s Mission

Things are not Going as Planned

Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt never planned to set foot on an alien planet in the Pegasus

Coming 2017

Coming 2017

Constellation. She’d spent years hiding from everyone, family, friends, and herself. She had to travel 28 light-years to find herself and her life’s mission

Jessica is now determined to save the people of Akiane from a deadly disease.

Only one problem, she’s stranded in the middle of an alien ocean, unable to find her way back to the colony. She’s facing the real possibility of death.

Rona Montgomery has failed. She and her teammate have unsuccessfully tried to find a cure for the deadly disease that’s killing the colonists.

High Priest Adumie is livid. The one he loves most is dying, years before her time, all because of those from Earth. It’s time to banish all of them from his planet and let his people die in peace.