Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

For this Week’s Photo Challenge, I’m to share an image what depicts Transition. Let life itself be my muse. I chose the Comstock family annual pie contest for my Transition.

Every Thanks Giving, the Minnesota Comstock clan has a pie eating contest.

It started in 1978 with the parents, their six siblings and their spouses. The parents, after good long lives, have passed away, but the siblings have a family reunion every year, the Friday after Thanks Giving.

That first year there were six pies, eight people. This year there were 31 pies and some 70 people. Of the Comstocks, there were 14 children and 24 grandchildren. The rest were friends.

The pie contest has also transition into two contests. One is sanctioned with pies entered by family members only.  The other is unsanctioned pies from Comstock friends.

There is pie tasting, the counting of ballets, the procession of last year’s winners, and the crowning of this year’s winners. There is a first, second and third place.

My plan was to bring my camera, but somehow it stayed home. My friend Vern Comstock brought his iPad then emailed photos to me.

To see some of my photos, check out My Photography.





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