Stephen King On Writing

I’m rereading Stephen King’s book On Writing.

I’ve never been a Stephen King fan. I’ve seen a couple of movies. I’ve read one book, Buick, I think that’s the title. I liked it, but in the next book I became aggravated with one of the main characters and stopped reading. I’ve not read another of his books. Except On Writing of which I’m rereading.

I certainly admire his work ethics and his success as an author.

He starts the book by remembering his childhood and how it formed him as an author. I’m not sure how my childhood formed me as a fiction writer. Since I spent a good amount of time outside, I’d say my childhood did have a great affect on my photography and art.

Stephen King did remind me how I got started in storytelling.

Mom read to me as a child, but the reality of books came into focus in the third grade. My teacher introduced the class to the great hall of literature, the library and things have never been the same.

I read great classics like Abercrombie, Benjamin and Christopher. You laugh, but the children’s series of a set of precocious triples are still available.

My reading material became more sophisticated with fantasy and science fiction. But in high school I read classics like, Crime and Punishment and Tom Jones – because I wanted to!

A few years ago, I reread a few of those books. My goodness, I was a smart teenager. Those are not easy books to read. I wonder what happened. Now I’m reading murder mysteries along with the fantasy and science fiction.

In college, I got so caught up with my assignments, I forgot about reading. Then one day, I picked up the first book in the Dragonlance series. Not only did I rediscover my love of reading, but the series inspired me to write my own stories.

From there, one thing lead to another and here I am with my first novel published, second one is about to come out and the third well on its way.