Stephen King’s Mom

Stephen King wrote his first story when he was seven years old. His little heart swelled two sizes as his mother proudly read his story. She was dissatisfied with it when she learned little Stevie had copied most of it from a comic book. Stevie felt the same disappointment.

“You can write your own story, Stevie. I know you can,” his mother said.

On that day, an American icon was born.

Little Stevie wrote three more stories for his mother to read.

According to his memoir On Writing, she didn’t correct his spelling or criticize his sentence structure or point out the inconsistencies in the plot. No, she made copies and proudly sent them to family members to read.

At seven years old, Stevie’s ambition was not to become a famous author. He wanted his mother’s love and approval. Because of her love and approval, he became some a famous author.

In high school, Steve was reprimanded by his school principal for wasting his talents on horror stories. She made him feel ashamed of he was writing.

His mother’s encouragement set Stephen King on the path to be a world famous author. One moment of a harsh criticism from his principal stayed with him for the next three decades. He was 45 years old before he realized he had nothing to be ashamed of.

What we say to our children matters.