Sunday Photo Fiction: New Home


“What’s the last thing you remember, Erma?” Horus took a serious look around their new home.

“Being on the open road.”

“Me too. Think this is a bad dream?”

Erma swished her tail at the flies on her back. “How could we be both having the same dream?”

“Well, this could be my dream and you could be in it.”

She turned to stare at him as if to say, how stupid can you be? “No, I’m here with you.” She turned back to her meal of grain.

“What do you think this means?”

“You know exactly what this means.”

“That reincarnation is real?” Horus had never believed in anything in his whole life. He hadn’t even believed in love until he met Erma.

“Yes, and there’s a whole lot more to that ‘Death do us part’ thing,” Erma said.

Her words shook him to his core. “You mean we’re together forever and ever? Even in all our next lies.”


Horus was quiet for such a long time, Erma turn to see if he had gone to sleep. She remembered just how old he’s been in their previous life. Was he so old in this life that he’d fallen asleep in the middle of a conversation?

But no, he was in his usual habit of thinking. Finally he said, “Now that’s true love.”

“Yap.” Erma neighed, “Together for all time.”

The End


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

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