Next Great Science Fiction Novel

The Devereaux Dilemma

by Steve McEllistrem

In a future where religion and disease have brought social order to the verge 

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

of collapse, and where some humans have been biologically and others mechanically enhanced, Jeremiah Jones must find the one man who might be able to fix everything. Problem is, that man – Walt Devereaux – may have created bio-weapons that could wipe out humanity. Is Devereaux really a dangerous man? Or is Jeremiah simply a pawn in a deadly game? Who can he trust? The nun who is sheltering Devereaux? Jeremiah’s ex-partner and former lover, who betrayed him? The Attorney General, who hopes to capture Devereaux to catapult himself to the presidency? Surrounded by questions, the only way Jeremiah will learn the truth is by battling the transgenic Escala and their sworn enemies, the mechanically enhanced Elite Ops. And the odds of survival are slim.


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