Sunday Photo Fiction: Never Satisfied


Never Satisfied


“What?” Jenny’s exasperated mother asked.

“There’s a man in there!” Jenny pointed to the pedestrian light.

“Jenny, it’s a cut out with a light behind it.”

Jenny looked at her mom then at the light.

“It’s green, we have to cross now before it turns red,” Mom said.

Jenny didn’t move.

Mom hung her head. “What now?”

“What will happen if there’s really a man?”

Mom considered the question. No answer would satisfy her. Once Jenny got on something, she rarely let go. They would go round and round standing in the same spot while the light changed back and forth. Mom decided.

She picked her seven year-old daughter up.

“BbbAaaaA,” Jenny screamed. “We have to save him.” She squirmed trying to pull away, but her mother was stronger and held tight.

They walked half way down the block before they entered the ice scream shop.

The room erupted, “Surprise!”

“What’s this?” Jenny asked.

“Your surprise birthday party,” Mom said.

“My birthday’s not for two days.”

“Yes, but this is Saturday. It was the best day to get every one together.”

“So what happens on my birthday?”

“This is it.”



“I won’t get anything on my birthday.”

The End


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

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