Pegasus Colony Science Fiction Novel

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Science Fiction novel Pegasus Colony

Here are a few Amazon Book Reviews.

Mike S.:

Great book! Fun read with a smart back story loaded with interesting subplots along the way. Plenty of detail and creative angles taken to shed just enough light to keep the reader blazing through the pages. This was a tough book to put down and very enjoyable from start to finish. Very excited for the sequel(s) and highly recommend this book to any sci-fi or fiction fan.



This was such a wonderful read. The book takes you out into space and onto another world where a seed colony has been living for 318 years. Not having contact has caused the colony to change, and the scientists sent are to investigate and do research. The book introduced numerous characters and gave interesting histories on each. I was hooked, and all of a sudden I was at the end of the book! After finishing the book, I found myself thinking about it and wondered, “Where is it going next?” I definitely want to read more, and I highly recommend that you pick this book up. To the author: When is the next book coming out?


A. Devin:

I’ve always loved science fiction and this one holds it’s own with the greats. It kept me guessing and fully engaged all the way through. Can’t wait for the next one.

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