This is My Story . . .

My name is Lt. Jessica Hewett

I never liked me. There was nothing to like. Everything I’d tried to make my life better failed.
I left Earth to get away from my life. I never planned to set foot on the an alien planet in the Pegasus Constellation. And yet, here I am and here is where I’ve finally found myself. Go figure.
I’d spent so many years hiding from, family, friends, my father, even me. I had to travel 28 light-years to finally learn who I am and what my mission is life is. To say I’m surprised is an understatement.
But here I am on the planet Akiane working to save the rogue Earth colony from extinction and at the same time help these people to gain their independence from Earth.
It’s a big job, but I’m finally up to the task.
The People of Akiane is my story it begins with Pegasus Colony, which is available on Amazon

You can read more about my adventures here: Trilogy: People of Akiane