A simple guide to planning a novel – part 5

G.L. Cromarty

In Part 4 of My Simple guide to planning a novel, we looked in detail at the inciting incident.

Today wewill lookat the remaining key plot points. Next week is our final instalment when we explore the acts of the book and fill in all the gaps.

The remaining key plot points

The Rhythm of a book

You may not know it, but books have a rhythm. Thisrhythm splits the books into four neat sections. Each section has a purpose, it’s own rhythm, and is triggered by the arrival of a key event that brings change.

One of the great things about taking the time to plan the novel is that you get this rhythm nailed right at the start. Once you know what thekey plot points are you can shuffle everything else that happens around them. Unless we have thesestabilisers, the story will drift, and we may find it either goes nowhere, or…

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