Become a Great Author

An excellent way to learn is to share with someone what you’ve learned, in which case, you’re helping someone else as you’re helping yourself.

I’ve decided in an effort to Become a Great Author, I need to study more about the craft of writing. As I’m studying, I’ll write about it on my blog, and I’ll apply what I learn to my short stories and novels.

It is also said that if you tell someone what you’re planning to do, you’re more likely to do it.

Today I’m announcing that I will do a yearlong study on how to Become a Great Author.

I’ll study plot, character building, conflict, and description. That’s a lot for one year. We’ll see how far I get.

Plot is my favorite so I thought I’d start there, but description is my least favorite. I’d be perfectly happy if I could write a novel and not bother with description. It’s so laborious. But description drives a story as much as a plot does.

Therefore I’ve decided to begin my course study with description. I’ll start with the books I have in my collection then head to the library and finally roam the bookstores. At the same time, I’ll roam the Internet. I’ll take note of the novels I read and post about their description techniques. I might even take a class or two.

You’re welcome to join me in this study. It would be fun if there were more than just me contributing. We can repost each other’s thoughts or have an on going discussion about a particular point.

Even if no one is interested, I’m doing the study, though it would be more fun if we learned from each other.

You’re welcome to follow along or join in the research to Become a Great Author. As always, comments are welcome to both encourage or improve my post.

I already have a few posts on the craft of writing that I’ll move to this new category, Become a Great Author. As of now, I plan to post on Thursdays.

I’m told I’m a pretty good author, but I want to be great. I know it’s a bit audacious of me, but if I don’t try to be great, I’ll only be pretty good.

I want to be Great!

So join me on my journey and let’s improve together.

Phyllis Moore