Smorgasbord Invitation Free promotion opportunities 2016

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I would love to promote your books and blogs in 2016 and as a reminder here are the individual posts for the various options.  I already have a great list of books and also fellow bloggers to promote beginning next week.  Make sure you are on the guest list.


If you have a book being published that is part of a series then it is important to give a summary of the books that have been released before and any reviews that might encourage a reader to not only buy this one in the series but the previous books too.

Short stories are very popular and are available in Eversions on Amazon.. If you have published a short story, novella or an anthology then let me know. This applies to individual authors and also community anthologies.

Children’s books are so important. Not only do they stimulate and…

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