Author’s Impatience

Authors work very hard on their novels. We are excited to finished and ready to publish. We want to entertain our fans and become famous. I mean authors like, J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter and Andy Weir of The Martian did it. So why not us?

Why not? Because too many of us are impatient. We want the book New cover PC_edited-2finished so we can move on to the next project.

Impatience! That was the problem with my first book. There was so much to do and learn such as creating a cover, publishing and marketing, that my first novel suffered. But mostly, I was sick and tired of it and wanted it out of my hair, and I thought it was ready.

The majority of those who read Pegasus Colony, loved it, but there were a couple of people who said it was poorly written.

At first I thought the reader was in a bad mood. Everyone else loved it, so there must have been something wrong with the reader. But when another reader said the same thing, I took notice and reread my book. Darn! They were right.

Before I published, I should have put the manuscript one side and let it sit while I worked on the cover, learned more about publishing and marketing. Then I should have reread the book before I uploaded it for the world to read.

It’s been a year and half since I last read Pegasus Colony. My goodness it was in bad shape, and I know better. I  cleaned it up and re-posted.

I learned my lesson. I’m not rushing the second book.

I had planned to have Storm’s Coming published by the day of this post. Instead, I’d still editing. I took for granted the last book was okay, this time I’m making sure it’s ready.

For some readers, my reputation is ruined. Thankfully there are many more who are breathlessly waiting for the second book. For those who haven’t read Pegasus Colony yet, they’ll read a much better version.

In the old days of publishing, it would have cost me a fortune to reprint the new manuscript. But this is a new day and Amazon rules. It’s free to re-upload a corrected manuscript.

So my advice to all new authors, especially those who are Indie publishers, do not rush. Make sure your manuscript is as perfect as you can get it. Then read it again.

I write this post in the hopes that Pegasus Colony was finally ready. I have the fear that I need to read it at least five more times to make sure.