Author’s Impatience 2

In my last post Author’s Impatience, I wrote about how I moved to fast to publish Pegasus Colony, I forgot to mention what great friends I have.

Before Amazon, I did a first edition printing at a local printing company. I sold books to friends. When have since spoken to most of those friends and have apologized for the poor condition of my novel.

Everyone of them smiled and told me not to worry about it. Some said they didn’t notice, others said the book was so good they just over looked it. I offered a new book to replace the bad one. They laughed and said, “No!” They had a first edition and some say when I’m famous the book will be valuable.

I have some great friends. They entourage me as I was writing and were excited to be the first to buy. Some bought a book even though they never read fiction. They wanted to support me.

I am grateful for everyone of my friends and family.



You can now get Pegasus Colony for free. It’s in Amazon’s Free Give away until February 9.  New cover PC_edited-2