Phyllis Moore’s Author Bio

Phyllis Moore will take you on adventures to places you never thought of going. She will take you to places you didn’t know existed.

Where are these places? In her imagination.

She’s an author of science fiction and fantasy novels.

Her characters live, love, deal with life’s struggles, lose hope, beat despair, and become heroes.

They live in worlds of magic and fantasy where love defeats evil.

They explore the far reaches of the Milky Way to colonize an alien planet.

Time travellers return to the past to save the future.

A warrior retires his sword for a quest to find true love.

Phyllis Moore’s novels will whisk you from this reality to explore unknown worlds with intriguing storylines. Pick up one of her novels, find a comfortable place to read and enter into a fantastic adventure.  

You can start with Pegasus Colony now available on Amazon.

A Mission Twice Doomed …

In the year 2132, World Space Coalition sent three ships to establish Earth’s first interstellar colony—on the planet Akiane in the Pegasus Constellation. They were never heard from again.

A radio technician has discovered that the colony did indeed survive. New cover PC_edited-2

But those of Akiane want nothing to do with Earth or WSC. Everything they have accomplished they did without Earth’s help.

WSC’s is determined to reclaim the planet and its people as its own.

WSC Space Force has ordered Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt to negotiate with the rogue colony.

Jess is ill equipped for the task. She has no idea why she was chosen. Before she can reunite two worlds, she’ll have to settle with her own demons first.

So far, her demons are winning.