Love to Cook

I love to cook. Sometime I get lazy and go with the same old same.

But many times I pull out a cook book, and pick out several recipes, go the the grocery story, come home, and spend the afternoon cooking.

I have over 30 cook books. Everything from the old Joy of Cooking, a church cook book and cook books from around the world.

I live by myself. but I make the full 6 to 8 serving meal. Then I bag the meals into individual servings and freeze them. Sorry, no photos. I’m writing this on a no cooking day.

Then I have freezer full of food, then I can go digging to see what kind of surprise I’ll have for dinner of lunch.

Recently, I discovered Pintrest. I’m not on it much as in exploring other people’s boards. But I have started a recipe board.

I can spend all afternoon exploring a particular food like couscous, collect recipes, go shopping, cook and bag.

On one exploration, I found a recipe for sweet potato corn bread. Besides the sweet potato and flower, it has 4 eggs, 1 stick of butter, sugar, and honey.

I know that sounds like a lot, but if you cut the corn bread into 12 pieces, you only get one twelfth of the ingredients. But that only works if you eat one one of the twelve pieces.

My self control broke that day.

It was the best corn bread I’ve ever had.

Here is a photo along with a link to the site just in case you’re looking for something different to eat. 

Happy eating.