Women On Writing

I went to a WOW – Women On Writing, luncheon today.

It’s a group of women authors who write fiction and/or non-fiction books. During lunch, each woman gets three minutes to introduce herself and her book(s). She can ask advice on anything concerning her book or marketing, then there’s a short discussion on that subject.

It is a great place to meet new people and make connections. I asked a couple of women who are familiar with LinkedIn if they would be interested in speaking at an independent publishers’ meeting. They said yes.

I spoke with a women who works with several TV shows that are on local cable and asked how can I get on. She told me to email her possible subject ideas for two different programs. So I may be on TV sometime in the next six months. The programs are also on line. I can’t sell books on the shows, but I can mention them.

And I sold a few books at the luncheon.

In all, it was a good afternoon and I’m joining.

For anyone interested, there are no member fees. You show up for lunch, talk and network.

WOW – Women On Writing