Cee’s Odd Ball Photos: A fan

Cee’s Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.

Here’s a little different odd ball photo.

The lady in this photo is a friend of mine. She’s an activities director at a nursing home. One of her duties is to read to people. Some of her residents have short term memories, but they still like a good story as long as it’s short. So I introduced her to some of WP short story challenges, which she is now reading to them.

She has one patience who has an excellent memory and likes science fiction. She’s reading my novel, Pegasus Colony, to him. After she told me about him, I went for a visit and we had a good talk. He had many questions about my story, which I was happy to answer. 

Then he asked how the priesthood in the colony got started. I knew, but I hadn’t thought to write about it. Now I’m adding that part of the story in the third book.

After our visit, my friend introduced me to another of her residents, a blind lady. She connected me with the State Services for the Blind.

I called and spoke to someone about my books. Now I’ll send the first two books to the service, they’ll have someone read them for audio for the blind to listen to. After I’ve published the third book in my trilogy, I sent it to them too.