Daily Post: Mind the Gap

Today’s WordPress Daily Post is Mind the Gap: The distance between idea and execution can be a source of frustration — or of inspiration.

My Goal for this year was to have a finished first draft of the third novel in the People of Akiane Trilogy. I think I started sometime in the spring of 2016. I had most of the year to work on it, so I should have been able to meet my goal with ease, but life often gets in the way of one’s plans. There’s the everyday stuff, like dusting and vacuuming; grocery shopping and cooking; there are fun times with family and friends; I plan for all of that.

I’m a full-time author, I write in the mornings and run errands or have fun in the afternoons. But there’s the unexpected, being there for friends and family when they are in need, and tending to my personal setbacks.

I had a rough summer. I became lethargic and was not interested in my novel or blogging, so I stopped writing. I thought I was burned out.

Turns out I just needed to change light bulbs. Energy efficient lights emits a blue light that saps your energy, which can make you lethargic or depress. the blue light can cause you to become diabetic. I changed my light bulbs and I’m feeling much better.

I’m still recovering from a work related injury I acquired a year and a half ago. A couple of days ago, I slipped on the ice and crashed into the sidewalk. Didn’t brake anything, but boy did it slow me down. Exercise wise, I was right back to where I started a year and a half ago.

Good news is I’m already on the mend from the fall.

Sometimes I just got bored with my novel and wanted to work on something else. I’ve been working on the trilogy for what seems like forever. There are so many other ideas that are begging to be worked on.

On one hand, I want to finish, but I also want to set the novel aside and work on something else, like a zombie story a blog buddy, Ali, and I are working on. But I stayed true to my goal.

The main point of this post is to keep going. Set your eyes on the goal, take care of the immediate, once finished, pick up where you left off. Becoming frustrated only saps energy and truly diverts you from your goals.

Every time I got diverted, I returned to my book and got closer to my goal of  finishing my first draft.

I have six points of view, which I broke into three sections, two main characters, two supporting characters and two minor characters. I worked on two characters at a time. By November, I had the first four characters ready, now only the minor characters were left.

I was unsure how I wanted to handle them. I thought on it for a week or so, then I took a deep breath and dove in. First I read the notes I’d made over the past year. To my surprise, I’d written all the chapters for the last two characters. I had everything I needed.

While dealing with life’s stuff, I’d kept writing, who knew. ;0)

It didn’t take long to organize the chapters and the first draft was finished. I’d met my goal.

You’d think I’d be so excited that I’d dive into the first rewrite. No.

I decided to enjoy a week of American Thanks Giving holiday with friends, and do something else creative. I painted.

On Monday Nov. 28, I’ll start the first rewrite of my third novel, Jessica’s Mission.

Below is a painting I just finished.