The Daily Post: One, Two, Three!

This week The Daily Posts prompt is One, Two, Three! The prompt asks: Taking inspiration from an obsession with lists, we challenge you to create in sets of threes.

I broke my novel into three parts. I have six points of view, two main characters, two supporting characters and two minor characters.

Instead of trying to write the novel as a whole, and jumping from one character and story line to another, I worked on two characters’ story at a time. Each set of characters work off each other, they define each other and they move the other through the plot.

The two minor characters are part of the history of the story so they don’t meet the Sunset in alien planetothers. The other four characters don’t interact with the other two until just after the middle of the story. At the end, they finish the story together.

Working on one set at a time helped me keep their stories straight. Once finished, I blended the three stories into one novel.

I’m now working on the first draft. I’ll improve the characters, define the story and detail their world.

This is also the third book of People of Akiane Trilogy.

So I guess Jessica’s Mission is a continual list of threes.