Daily Post: Protest

Today’s Daily Post asks us to write on Protest.

Normally I would be protesting a morning like this. The wind-chill is -10F or -23C. That means for all you tropical people, the wind makes it feel -10 even though it’s 17F.

I used to have a job where I was in and out of doors all day. I’d dress for the outdoors with long johns and sweats, winter boots, wool hat and carhartt jacket. Wearing a carhartt is like spring time inside. Winter cannot get through.

I know winter is good for the environment and good for the economy, but it also a great time for protesting the weather conditions of one’s job. No matter how bundled up I was for the outside, I’d have to unbundle when I was in the car or inside a building. It made for a tiresome day and it was good to be home and out of the cold.

But these days, I don’t protect like I used to. I fell bad for those who have to work in this cold, but I’m inside and no longer have to go out unless I want to. I’m retired! And am a full-time author. Yea!

Nevertheless, I will be going out later this afternoon, I have a friend to visit. Enduring all that cold for so many years has toughened me up. While many of my friends refuse to venture out, I dress accordingly and enjoy the cold weather.