Daily Post: Finding My Place

This week The Daily Post asks: me tell you about a place that has helped shape who I am.

There are two places that helped define me, my home state Louisiana and Minnesota where I now live.

Children learn to play in whatever weather conditions they grow up in.

Louisiana is in southern America, USA, and sits on the cost of the Gulf of Mexico. It is hot and humid and well over 90F for most of the year. It can rain for days at a time. Sometimes the rain is heavy with much lightening or light rain with no lightening.

As a child, staying in doors was not an option. Mom said we could play in the rain as long as it wasn’t lightening. As long as it was under a hundred degrees, we ran in fields, climbed trees and played in the barn. We spend a lot of time outdoors.

I eventually moved to Minnesota which is directly north of Louisiana on the Canadian border. Here it’s mostly winter with a moderate amount of rain, but lots of snow and cold temperatures. As an adult, staying in doors for months at a time was not an option.

I’ve learned to cross country sky, snowshoe and canoe. I’ve canoed on beautiful sunny day and in 40F drizzle.

Here the lakes and rivers freeze in the winter time. But there is a stretch of water about a mile and half long on the Mississippi river that stays open year round. I’ve canoed the Mississippi River on New Years Day.

For the last two weeks the temperature has been in the single digits. I didn’t stay indoors. I bundled up and went for a walk in 7F.

No one from Louisiana would believe anyone would do that, let alone me. There are few Minnesotans who would believe that we played baseball or went for a bike ride in 98F, with what seemed like 100% humidity, and barely broke a sweat.

The weather in both states toughened me and help shape who I am today.

I’ve learned  if you’re tough enough to play hard, you’re tough enough work hard to accomplish your goals in life.

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of that.