Festive: Merry Christmas to All

The Daily Post’s word of the day is Festive.

To be festive is a time to celebrate and this is the season people celebrate the Holidays in many different ways. Ultimately, the Season is all about forgiveness and love.

For me, this is also a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian. I believe in his virgin birth, death and resurrection. But not everyone believes as I do. Even those who are Christians don’t all believe the same thing.

No where in the Bible does it say that Christians are to become a great debater of our believes. Nor does it say we are to reject those who do not believe as we do. The Bible does say, “They will know us by our love.”

I am to love as God loves. If I may paraphrase one Scripture from the bible, “God so loved the world that he sent Jesus Christ not to condemn, but to love.” I do not always succeed in loving as God does, nevertheless, that is supposed to be my goal as a Christian.


To all my friends who read this blog, facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter, I say, “May this season be filled with memories and love of fun times with friends and family.”

Happy Holidays and Blessings to all who celebrate the gift of Love.