Daily Post: Retrospective: It’s in My Blood

Daily Post asked me to look back over the last year of my blogs, I chose to be Retrospective of my creative endeavors in 2016.

My mother was a brilliant musician. She could read music and play by ear. Give her an instrument and in six weeks, she could teach you how to play it.She could play everything from jazz to classical.

I did not inherit my mother’s musical gene.

I did inherit her other creative genes such as: photography, art and drama.dscf6622

Mom taught me how to paint portraits, take great photographs and how to act. In high school, I took drama and art. I was also in the local community theater. I went to college for Fine Arts and Photography and graduated in Graphics Arts.

To make a long story short, over time I forgot my arts and started writing novels.

In early 2015, I was forced to retire because of a work related injury. That first year I concentrated on getting better. I finished and published my second novel, Storm’s Coming.  

In 2016, with the help of a few good friends, I returned to my creative self.

bb-door_edited-2I’m still writing and designed the cover of my first short story book, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast. dscf0107

But I’ve also started painting again. Only this time, instead of portraits, I’m painting landscapes.

I joined Toastmasters to prepare me for public speaking. My drama gene rose up. Instead of speeches, I became storyteller. Even though it was a natural progression, it was a surprise to me.

dscf8616I joined a couple of photo clubs and found new places to take photographs. camera-club-exercise-jan-phyllis

Another friend reminded me of my love for computer graphics. Soon I was soon photo shopping photographs.

2016 has been a year of finding my creative self. I learned how to paint landscapes, use my digital camera, dramatically tell my short stories, and how to use Adobe Photo Shot.

Next year’s going to be really fun.  ;0)