I am FINISHED!!!!!

I have just finished the 3rd novel in my trilogy People of Akiane.

I’ve been working on this trilogy for so long, I feel that I’ve been working on it my entire life. I’m more than ready to start on the next project, The Destiny Series. 

(I’ll post about that project soon and tell you about it.)

About this 3rd novel . . .

It’s not ready for publication just yet. I have a few beta readers who will read it, then it needs to be proofed.

But the most important thing is — I’m finished writing it!

This has been the easiest book to write. All others have been very laborious. Writing for me has been like drawing.

In drawing, I start with a gesture—a scribble to get an idea so I know what goes where. For the book, it was a sloppy outline.

Next I’d tighten up the drawing with a few details. For the book, I’d rewrite and rewrite and rewrite and yes, rewrite.

After all that rewriting, I’d finally figure out what the book was about. I would finally be able to get down to business and write the book.

This time I wrote the book while reading John Truby’s Anatomy of a Story.

Us creative people tend to only use the right side of our brain as we create. We forget to use the left side of our brain, which is a necessary tool. John’s book helped me use both sides of  my brain.

I plotted my novel as I read his book. Then I wrote the 3rd book. I rewrote it only one time as I filled in detail. It was amazing. (not the detail, but how quickly I wrote)

I knew the story, I’d lived with it a longtime. John helped to pull out what was already there, but didn’t know it was there.

I wish I’d had his book from the very beginning. The good news is, I have it now and am already reading it as I start The Destiny Series.