Once Crazy Week Turn into a Satisfying Week

I only had one thing to do this week.

I wanted to finished the first 50 pages of the manuscript of my third novel, Jessica’s Mission.

Then a friend ask if I’d write her a letter of recommendation, which she needed this week.

Another friend wants to used one of my short stories for her magazine, but it was too long. I promised to tighten the story and reduce it from 4,000 words to 1,500 words, while keeping the plot intact.

Lastly, I thought I was to speak at a women’s luncheon on the third Thursday of this month, which is next week. Turns out I’m to speak this week, the second Thursday of the month, which means I needed to finish practicing my speech.

I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you consider everything else we do in a week, my week was adding up.

For most of my adult working carrier, I’ve had a job where anyone at any time could throw a wrench in my day, or week, and I was expected to deal with the new project and while finishing my original projects.

I learned to organize and prioritize. Take a deep breath and start with the most important project. In this case it was my manuscript.

That took two days.

Then I wrote the letter because it took less time than reworking my short story.

I spend most of this morning working on the short story. It is now 1,495 words, which I thought was ironic.

I plan to publish this story and two more short stories about the same main character, Eleanor Rune, in the fall of 2017. The book is called My Haunted Bed & Breakfast. It’s a humors story about how a woman starts her life over by running a Bed & Breakfast. Then she learns it’s haunted and things are never the same.

As I worked on shortening the story, I keep thinking about how my story editor wanted me to add more detail.  Today, I deleted most of that detail.

This is Wednesday afternoon and I have completed all writing projects and I have practiced my speech and made a few changes. All I have left to do this week is speak at a women’s luncheon tomorrow.

It’s been a satisfying week.

It would be nice if all weeks worked out as well.