You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS?

Source: You READbut do you leave REVIEWS?

The above link leads you to Kevin Coopers’ blog and then to Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog where he encourages readers to leave a book review. I’d like to give a plug as to how reviews helps your favorite author.

A good review encourages others to read the book, which prompts more sells and encourages an author to keep writing.

A bad review warns readers not to waste their time and tells the author he/she needs to improve if they want to sell books.

If an author gets 50 reviews on Amazon, Amazon will pay special attention and promote the book. I not sure what other online book stores do.

Another way to help and author get the word out it to spread the word on your social media network. Something I should with my favorite authors.

So if you are a reader and have some favorite authors, help them out by spreading the word.

From all us authors, thank you for the book reviews you have already written and for those you are about to write.