Plot Details

Details are like little foxes in the vineyards. They dig, chew, leave bits of uneaten rabbits, and they leave poop directly under foot. Basically they make a mess.

Details are messy. Well for me, they’re a nuisance.

I like writing plots and telling readers about characters’ lives. It would be nice once a plot was finished, if I could publish it and move on to the next story. It does not work that way.

Once characters and plot are settled, it’s time for the details.

I have a habit: at the end of an editing section, I’m ready to quit for the day. But oh yea, I forgot the details. I reread what I just edited, which I thought was perfectly fine, but now I realize it’s missing details.

At the end of the day and I’m ready to turn the computer off, my brain wakes up and new details come flowing out.

Soooo, I leave my computer on and write this detail, walk away, come back with another brilliant detail, walk away, and while I sitting there, more details come.

Finally after much editing and much detail, I think I’m finished with the book.

Ah, but my beloved beta readers let me know this scene doesn’t make since and what is that paragraph supposed to be about? They’re confused because I have not given nearly enough detail on this or that.

Details may be annoying, but they make the story. They help explain what the author is trying to say. Seems readers can’t read authors’ minds. Who knew?

Authors need to explain their story through detail. Not so much detail so a reader becomes bored. And not so little so the reader becomes confused.

Like I said, details are a necessary element in novels.