Just the Right Character

I’m an author. I’m the god of my worlds. I create people. I put them in a plot. I give them life. You’d think they’d be grateful, not always. Sometimes characters are just not satisfied and refuse to cooperate.

I started People of Akiane Trilogy with the main character as a man, Shawn something. He didn’t want to be in the story. He would not cooperate.

A friend read a draft of Pegasus Colony, the first novel of the trilogy. She said she didn’t care what happened to Shawn, he was boring.

That was the best thing she could have told me. She helped me realize that Shawn was the wrong character. It would have been a waste of my time to try and make him work. I put the book aside and worked on something else.

It was a couple of years before I returned to it. When I did, I got rid of Shawn and created a whole new character with a whole new backstory, Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt.

Lt. Hewitt was ordered to the alien planet Akiane in the Pegasus Constellation to reunite two worlds that have been separated for over 300 years. But first, she needs to deal with her own insecurities and her belief in God.

Another wards, Jessica has issues to work out.

Friends who read a draft with Jessica liked her, but said she was too angry, so I eased up on her attitude. Those who read the next draft liked her a lot better.

Jessica is working beautifully.

Sometimes it takes awhile to get just the right character with just the right attitude, but when it happens, those characters do appreciate me.


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