Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Ralph & Elmer

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge is for those photos that don’t really fit into any common category.

There are those who don’t look just right and when they meet, they have few of the same interests. Yet there is a chemistry that binds them together as life-long best friends. This is Ralph & Elme’s story.

Elmer got separated from his family during a bad storm. He called out to his mother, she had always answered before, but the storm was so intense the thunder overrode his quacks for help.

Ralph was hovering under his umbrella, but when he heard the desperate quacks, he immediately went to the rescue.

Big heavy rain drops pounded little Elmer threatening to beat him into the lake and drown him.

Suddenly the rain stopped, at least over him. Elmer could still see the rain coming down as it swished and thrashed the lake water.

He looked up and around and saw a frog with an umbrella hovering over him. The frog helped him on to his lily pad. They safely waited out the storm together

Afterword, Ralph helped Elmer find his family.

Ralph thought that would be the end of it, but little Elmer kept coming over to climb on to the the lily pad and visit with Ralph as they spend the day floating on the lake.

Sometimes they talked. Sometimes they sat in silence. Sometimes Elmer quacked while Ralph croaked.

They weren’t singing, but keeping rhythm. Birds joined in with the melody. Several water fairies mingled their voices in harmony as they sang.

It was something none of the lake creatures had heard or seen before Ralph and Elmer’s friendship.

Now all the animals of the lake come, listen and enjoy each other’s company.


This short story was inspired by Cee because she joins people together through the love of photography.