Guest Blogger: Shawn P.B. Robinson – Part 1

I swore I never would self-publish. Far too much information and far too much trouble. Ah how things change with time. I now have two self-published novels and am working on two more books.

There is still a lot information, but now there are blogs devoted on self-publishing to help sift through it all. 

Shawn Robinson is an author, blogger, and self-publishing researcher who hosts Self Publishing on a Budget.

In this post, Shawn introduces himself. In the next post, he’ll post about the difficulties of self-publishing.

I asked Shawn: Why blog about self-publishing?

You ever drink from a firehose?  Me neither.  I expect it’s not a fun thing to do, nor do I think it would be helpful.

One of the qualities of a firehose is that it tends to be able to expel a great deal of water in very little time.  In fact, I don’t think it would be a stretch to say it expels too much water for anyone to properly take in (yes, I split that infinitive like a boss! I also ended that sentence with a preposition. Careful, I might dangle a participle soon).

When I first started researching the whole concept of Self-Publishing, I felt like I was drinking from a firehose.  There was too much information to take in and I couldn’t make sense of it all.

I also found that the information I needed was harder to find that I thought it should be.  I would search for information and I just couldn’t seem to find complete answers.  Sometimes it would be close to what I needed, but often the info wasn’t overly helpful.  It wasn’t long before I was frustrated.

I figured that if I was frustrated, there were probably others out there who were struggling as well.  I knew what I needed to do. I needed to research it myself.  I knew as well that if I researched it all, I might as well put it together for others in a clear, helpful blog.

Now, since that time I have found some well-written and helpful blogs, but they eluded me at first.  It’s great to be able to add to those helpful blogs.

I want to thank Phyllis for the chance to be able to share a little on her blog!  In my next two blogs, I’ll share some of the problems I faced early on as I was learning about Self-Publishing (cost, lack of information and even refusal to help).

Until then, all the best in your Self-Publishing journey!

Shawn P. B. Robinson

Self Publishing on a Budget