Guest Blogger: Shawn P. B. Robinson Pt 3

This is third blog post on self-publishing by Shawn P. B. Robinson. Click on Pt 1 or Pt 2 to reed his two blogs.

Hey everyone, in my last two posts on Phyllis’ blog (thanks again for welcoming me to your blog-home, Phyllis), I shared a little bit about what brought me to start Self-Publishing on a Budget.  It’s been a fun journey and very exciting!

Today I want to share a little bit about what I’ve learned and about the joy it is to be a resource for other authors and bloggers.

Since I came to the conclusion there was a great need for clear, helpful, direct information about Self-Publishing, I set out to provide exactly that.  I began to research Self-Publishing by wading through the helpful (and unhelpful) blogs and putting it together in a simple, clear blog for people to access.

I wanted to write a blog that wouldn’t just tell people what to do, but would explain what the options were and what it all meant.  It’s not enough just to lay out a plan.  People need to understand the process so they can make informed decisions.

I have taken the approach of researching the process of Self-Publishing and putting what I’ve learned into practice.  What I mean by that is I don’t just research about using Pressbooks, I use it and blog about its usefulness and place within the Self-Publisher’s toolkit (that blog is written btw, just not posted yet).  It’s the same with Scrivener, Alpha/Beta Readers, proof copies and more.  I try to work my own way through them first so I can write an informed and helpful blog.

As I do this, I find all the pros and cons of working through a particular publishing task and then I write a blog for others based on what I’ve learned.  I’ve tried to make a point of writing blogs which will lead people through the simple steps necessary to put their book together.

My hope is that my blog, as more and more topics are covered, will be a place where a Self-Publisher can come to find all the answers they need.  I have a goal of creating a Walkthrough for Self-Publishers where they can simply move from blog to blog, each step of the way.

It’s been a real joy to interact with Self-Publishers, Authors, Editors, Bloggers and more along the way.  They have enriched my life and I hope that I have not hindered theirs.  One of the greatest encouragements I get along the way is to receive a comment from someone telling me that they have found Self-Publishing on a Budget very helpful and I hope more and more find it to be a useful resource for them!

So far, it’s been a real privilege to be this for many.  I have even had the privilege of walking with one author as he moved right from early edits through to publishing his book.  I look forward to doing this many times over in the future.

Self-Publishing is a blast!  It’s so much fun and I think we are stronger together as we help one another write and publish quality books for the world to read!

All the best!

Shawn P. B. Robinson

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