Friday Fictioneer: The Fan


“Nine months. Long months.”

“Admit it, you loved every minute of it.”

“I wouldn’t say every minute. Being bone-cold all the time does have its moments.”

“But the research?”

“We were in the Antarctic, of course it was all for the research.”

“You’re going to miss the cold.”

“No, I’m not.”

“I think you will.”


“You will. And in a matter of days, you will be on the next plane back.”

“Alright, what reason could there possibly be for me to want to return to that sub-zero cold?”

“Because this place is so hot, the fan melted.”


Rochelle Wisoff-Fienlds hosts the writing challenge Friday Fictioneer. She posts a photo and we write a 100 word flash fiction about the photo.

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