Remembering My Character’s Name

I wrote a short story for Friday Fictioneers: Rainforest. The story is about a human and elf, Ronny and Elilaph.

Ronny is a character in my next up coming book, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, but his parents named him Marty.

In the fife grade, he changed his name to Ronny. You’ll have to read the story it learn why.

I was so caught up in the story, “Rainforset,” I forgot that Ronnie had changed his name back to Marty in his high school senior year.

I considered leaving it, but Marty and Elilaph will have adventures in the magical realms of Earth, but that’s in a different series of stories that has not yet to be written.

Right now, I’ finishing the 3rd novel in the People of Akiane Trilogy and starting The Destiny Series of which My Haunted Bed & Breakfast is the first book.

I’m planning on using some short story challenges to inspire Marty and Elilaph’s adventures.

Marty’s sister, Roni, will go to Elilaph’s world and become the savoir of that world. Before she arrives, Elilaph will be cast out of his world and land on Earth where he meets Marty.

Marty has magical abilities, but the elf will teach him how to see magic in new ways.

After Roni’s story is finished, Elilaph returns to his world and  becomes the leader of the elves. As of now, I’m not sure if Roni and Elilaph meet.  

I decided it was important to change Ronny’s name back to Marty, because there will be more stories about him and I didn’t want any confusion.

I considered not telling anyone about the name change. Most who have already read it won’t reread it and if they do, they probably won’t notice the change. Those who read it now will never know there was a change.

But we have all make mistakes, so I thought why not write about it. It makes for a fun post. 

Do you have any fun mistakes to share?