I’m Not Lazy

I used to think I was lazy. It was difficult keeping my apartment cleaned and organized, which was strange since I was so well organized at work and in my writing. People complimented me on my organization. I was confused as to why I couldn’t get it together at home.

I managed to do the laundry, but didn’t have the energy to put it away.

I forced myself to go grocery shopping, but as soon as I got home, I took an hour nap and forgot about the frozen food. Once I found a half-gallon of milk still in the grocery bag two days old. I finally realized I needed to take care of all perishables before my nap. Everything else could to wait, sometimes for a day or two.

It was disappointing to know that friends who had a family, a house, a yard, a full time job, could keep their three-bedroom house reasonably in order. I live alone and I couldn’t keep my one-bedroom apartment in order.

Turned out I wasn’t lazy. I was exhausted. I had Adrenal Fatigue.

Adrenal Glands are no bigger than a walnut, yet they produce 50 different hormones that manage our bodies. My glands were not functioning properly. There are many different kinds of problems from dysfunctioning adrenal glands. To give you a quick explanation of my problem, I was tired all the time.

I could take a three-hour nap and still sleep 15 hours that night. That’s too much.

My cure was rest, rest, rest. I cancelled all social activates, stayed home, watched TV, and slept for a year. My eyes were too tired to read, therefore no reading books. I could only do a little bit on the computer each day. Most days I didn’t bother.

I also had to exercise, not enough to stress my body, but enough to build strength. I joined a gym and could only do very light weighs. My body only allowed me to bike for five minutes. It was a year before I could bike for 30 minutes.

My adrenal glands are now normal.

To my surprise, as my energy level increased, I started organizing things like the linen closet and a few draws. Grocery get put away the same day, laundry still takes time. (There maybe a little laziness evolved.) Not all of my apartment is under control, but little by little, I’m getting there.

All that stuff on the floor was also in the closet. Not sure how it all fit in.

My energy level is improving. I’m getting more done, I’m socializing more, but I still have to conserve my energy.

I thought once I was healed, I was good to go. No.

Now I’m building up my adrenaline, one cell at a time. Everything takes time. But I’m getting there.

My plan for the summer of 2019 is to go one a 30-mile bike ride.

* * *

This blog post was inspired by a “Time to ‘Fess up” post from A Dalectable Life.