Friday Fictioneer: Please?

“What happened here?” Mom asked.

“I was repotting plants,” little Tina said.


“I’m starting a fairy garden,” Tina said proudly.


“So I have a place for my fairies to live.”

“Your fairies?”

“You know the ones I found in the forest.”

“You kept them?”

“Actually . . .” Tina dropped her head. “I let them go like you said, but they stayed.”


“I promised to build them a home.” Tina looked up hopefully at her mama.

“The fairy garden.” Mama didn’t look happy.


“Why the mess?”

“I couldn’t make up my mind. Will you help me?”

* * *

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts the writing challenge Friday Fictioneer. She posts a photo and we write a 100 word flash fiction about the photo.

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