Still Writing

I have a girl friend who buys these booklets for me. I don’t know where she gets them, but they come in all kinds of colors.

They’re not thick, maybe a hundred pages are so. I label each booklet for a different story. They’re not big enough to write a novel, but I can make notes and do some brainstorming. They’re great for keeping ideas until I’m ready to put them in the computer.

Yes, I am one of the few 100,000 people or so who still write by hand. It’s great for the times when inspiration hits, after the computer is turned off and I don’t fell like turning it back on. (Like when I’m in bed ready to go to sleep, but my brain is wide awake.)

It’s great to take with me when I know I’m going to get stuck somewhere and I have to sit and wait for a while.

They’re also great for those stories I plan to get to, but am not working on just yet. When an idea comes for a particular story, I write its booklet. Then when I do get to that story, I read what I’ve written into the computer and edit.

These little booklets keep me organized.

Thanks, girlfriend.