Too Many Phyllis Moores

There are 500 Phyllis Moores on Facebook. We come in all kinds of sizes, creeds and colors. Sometimes I think it would be fun to invite all of them to a party and get to know them. At the same time, I like being an individual.

Phyllis is not that common of a name, let alone Phyllis Moore, even so, there are a lot of us.

When I first decided to publish books, I did a Google search to see if there were any authors with my name. There was only one, Phyllis H. Moore. I thought I was safe, so I published under my name, Phyllis Moore. Phyllis H. Moore was the smart one. I should have followed her example. I didn’t.

Some years later another Phyllis Moore popped up. She evidently didn’t bother to do a Google search.

Her books came to my GoodReads page. I didn’t know how to remove them so I contacted GoodReads. Her books are finally off my page.

When I published My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, it wouldn’t go to my page, no matter what I did, it didn’t worked, so I contacted GoodReads to fix the problem. They did.

I have since added an “M” to my name, M Phyllis Moore.

I changed my name on GoodReads page, but Amazon is locked in for books already published.

People of Akiane Trilogy are listed as Phyllis Moore. The third book Jessica’s Mission will also so be Phyllis Moore.

But from here on, I am M Phyllis Moore.

My advice to you. Do a Google search before you publish or be really smart and add a letter to your name.

 * * *

Update: I wanted to add “M” to my name, but I’m already established on Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. I would have to close each account and start over, and loose everything I’ve already built.

I’ll keep the “M” I placed on the cover of The Destiny Series. Just to help our fans distinguish us. Otherwise I’m sticking with my name.

I’m not upset with the newest Phyllis Moore. It’s her publisher who should have checked to see if her name would be in competition with another Phyllis Moore.

Don’t let your publisher do the same thing to you.