Guest Blogger: Sona Grover

It is said, show a photograph to a group of people and you’ll get a description from each person that is so different it would seem that they were not looking at the same photograph.

It’s also true about authors.

Through the Mist is a bouquet of stories from five authors where a single photograph is the only common link. Each interpreted the image using different genres and characters.

The journey started with Jithin, publisher, editor and photographer, who also provided the photograph.
Jithin invited five authors, Abirami, Aadithya, Nimitha, Rupali and fellow blogger, Sona Grover, to  start a  story—each in a different genre. They worked on the middle of each others’ stories, but wrote the ending to a different story than the one they started. Aadhira edited the stories so the narrations were seamless and at the same time kept the diverse voices intact. It was a long and exciting journey for all 7 of the team. You can read about the project on Aadhira’s blog.
The book is available on Amazon Kindle.
The paperback is on sale at publisher Jimpify’s website.