Destiny: Timeline

I was telling a girlfriend about my upcoming novella series, which covers over 4,000 years of history about the gods and mortals of Aghular.

She asked if I had a timeline. I said I tried, but didn’t really know how to set it up. She offered to help me and I promised lunch.

The time line is now on my living room wall. It’s 10 feet across and 4 feet high.

Before my friend came, I got organized and prepared cards for the timeline. The smaller white cards that run along the middle are dates of significant years.

Blue is for the gods of Aghular.

Green is for the mortals from Aghular.

Pink is for the Ancient One, the Wizard who is half human/ half god.

Purple is for those fantasy creatures of magic, but that part of the story is still pending.

Yellow is for the six who come from our reality, such as Roni Rune who we first meet in My Haunted Bed & Breakfast.

* * *

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