Destiny: Eleanor Rune’s Timeline

Once I had the timeline for The Destiny Series on my living room wall, I realized I should write timelines for those from Earth.

There are five people from Earth who go to Aghular. But I’m only doing timelines for two people, Eleanor Rune of My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, and Theodor Epperson of the future book Warriors 3. Everyone else falls in those two timelines.

I started with Eleanor. The white cards with the yellow lines across the top are the cards for her timeline.

Eleanor doesn’t go to the other world; her daughter Roni Rune and Roni’s granddaughter, Dusty Rose Morgan, do. 

I started Eleanor’s timeline at the year her book was published, 2018, then back tracked to Eleanor’s mother-in-law’s birth, 1960. She was a good witch who encouraged Eleanor’s ghosts to be naughty. She also encourages Eleanor’s twins to use their magic. 

I should have started Eleanor’s timeline before I wrote My Haunted Bed & Breakfast. The story ends with Roni being 25 years old. I wanted Roni to be 25 in our time or maybe a couple of years from now when I write her adventure on Aghular.

But I gave Eleanor a cell phone with texting ability.

If Eleanor starts her story the year the book was published, 2018. She meets her husband, Codere, in 2020, they have the twins in 2023. That will make Roni 25 years old in the year 2048.

I considered giving Eleanor the cell phone in 2008, but what would 10 years earlier really do for the story. So I’m leaving it as it.

Roni’s story doesn’t happen on Earth anyway. She’ll be in Aghular in 3648.


I originally wrote Destiny’s timeline many years ago, then set it aside while I wrote People of Akiane Trilogy. (I’m now finishing the 3rd book.)

I wrote Eleanor’s timeline a few days ago.

I didn’t notice 2048 and 3648 until I was writing this post. The years being so similar are just a coincidence. Or is it?

I’ll have to think on that.

* * *

More about Theodor’s timeline in the next Destiny post.

In the meantime . . .

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