Destiny: Theodore Epperson’s Timeline

Three friends, Eric, Vinnie and Cody, work together at Miller Chevrolet. They’re friendship and love of zombies inspired me to write two short stories.

They became the Miller brothers who accidentally find a portal that takes them to another world where they become heroes and save a village from zombies. The second story is about them returning home.

The stories were the beginning and ending of a longer story, but I didn’t know what that was, nevertheless it hung in the back of my mind wanting to be told.

I’m visual; zombies are grouse to look at, which means, I’m not a zombie fan, and I know very little about them.

If I wanted to write the story, I needed help. I called on my good blog buddy Alistair of Dr Ali Man on Life. (His doctorate is a PhD.)

I like the name Alistair it sounds dignified. I don’t know if my blog buddy is dignified or not, I’ve never met him in person, but he does have a wicked sense of humor, and he has inspired me in the past.

His short stories are well worth the read. Check out his blog

He inspired the original 500-word story that became the novella, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast. Because of him I rewrote the beginning of Jessica’s Mission, the third novel in People of Akiane Trilogy. So I asked him if he would be interested in collaborating with me on the story Warriors 3. He said yes.

Together we planned a plot, then we both became too busy to work on it, which turned out to be a good thing.

Because of the delay, Warriors 3 will be a novella in The Destiny Series.

Ali created the bad guy, a necromancer. Originally we were going to kill him off, but Ali decided he liked the guy and wanted him to live.

I thought, What the heck, if Ali likes him, let him live.

Once I started thinking about the necromancer I became inspired. We now have a backstory of his life.

Ali gave him is evil name, Meerak. I gave him his given name, Theodore Epperson, from England.

He’s the wizard, but on earth that mostly means playacting. To have the full power of a real wizard, he must travel to a land of magic.

I haven’t figured out how he finds the portal to Aghular or how he learned about the magical land in the first place. That’s something I’ll have to think on and get back to you.

Theo comes and goes between Aghular and Earth several times. A couple of times, while in the portal, he literally runs into himself, bounces off himself, and ends up in a different time than he planned.

I was a little confused as to when he bounced into himself and where he ended up, so I wrote the timeline to keep things clear in my head.

Ali recently suggested Theo should come from the turn of the 20th Century.

I like that idea. It helps explain why he jumps back into the portal the first time.

Theo returned to Earth with the intention of giving up his evil plans. He returns with the Miller Brothers to the same year they left, 2018.

Things were bad enough in Aghular, he wasn’t ready to deal with 2018. He wants to go home.

He jumps back into the portal where he runs into himself coming into the portal from Aghular.

Instead of going home, he’s thrown to the year 2068 where he meets Roni’s granddaughter, Dusty Rose. His plans change, not for the good. Together they return to Aghular. But that’s another story.

The smaller white cards set at an angle are Theo’s timeline dealing with his time on Aghular. The larger cards are points about his over all life. The large cards at an angle happen at a particular time in his timeline.

 * * *

Your Journey of The Destiny Series begins with the novella, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, which is available on Amazon.

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