Destiny: Sarafine Lo Verde

In My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, Sarafine Lo Verde is Eleanor’s mother-in-law.

Sarafine is a good witch with a trickster’s sense of humor. She encourages Eleanor’s ghosts to plan a few practical jokes on her village.

Sometimes her practical jokes turn out for the good. One trick encouraged the village to have community party. Another joke helped two sisters to make up after years of discord.

When she goes too far, she gets kicked out of her village.

Sarafine has a mind of her own and often has trouble doing as she’s told. Which is why when she was no longer welcomed in Italy, she moved to Greece where her son Codere met Eleanor. 

One friend liked Sarafine so much she wants me to write a novella about her life. I added a card to my time line so I wouldn’t forget to think about it. So far I’ve been too busy thinking about other characters. Sarafine will have to wait.

If my friend was an author, I’d suggest she write the book, but she’s not.

There are fantasy book series like Dragonlance where authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman wrote 9 books.

There are several other authors who also wrote books about the Dragonlance world. As of now, there are 171 novels.

It would be great if my series was just as famous and authors would be interested in writing books for The Destiny Series. I have plenty of ideas, far more than I can write.

But as of now, I’m the only one.

 * * *

Your Journey of The Destiny Series begins with the novella, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, which is available on Amazon.

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