Destiny: Gods of Aghular

Naw was the first of the gods. He brought all other gods into existence.

The gods are an important part of The Destiny Series. The series covers more than 4,000 years of Aghular’s history. The novellas won’t cover every year of the series, just the most important events. Mortals die, so as time passes there are different mortals per book, but gods are immortal and stay the same throughout the series.

The gods take little responsibility for their creations. They created the stars, sun, moon, world, plant life, beasts, marine life, and all mortals, then walked away, and for the most part forgot about them.

They live in a palisade built in the clouds in the sky where they attend galas, eat meals from a long buffet tables, drink wine, laugh, and dance. They do nothing productive.

I thought I was my fault that they did nothing. I couldn’t decide what they did in their spare time. Then I realized the gods live by entitlement and are arrogant and spoiled.

They’re gods. They created everything and everyone. They believe they are entitled to whatever they want and whatever they do, and take no responsibility for anything.

They need to grow up and learn that what they do affects their creations.

Kartra is Queen Mother. She stands at Naw’s side, but she is unlike the others. Naw pulled the first nine gods from his heart, then pulled Kartra from his forehead.

Kartra lacks the same emotions and as the others. The day she conceived, an egg the size of a man appeared in the mountains on Aghular. The day her son was born, from the egg hatched an evil black bird.

It was the first time evil touched the land.

Three gods felt the evil. They descended from the clouds to investigate. To balance the evil, they created another egg the size of a man. From it hatched an orange, red bird born to combat evil.

It was the first time the gods took responsibility to protect their mortals.

It would not be the last.

 * * *

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