An Old Post

An old post has resurfaced. I’d forgotten about it until I notice that a few people have resonantly read it, so I checked it out.

It’s The Gods of Tauger, the first draft of my next novella From Out of the Darkness.

I read it and found elements about the story that I’d forgotten about. I copy pasted it to the manuscript I’m working on now so I’ll remember that which I’d forgotten and see if some of the old stuff will fit into the new.

I don’t get to work on From Out of the Darkness as much as I’d like.

The third book of People of Akiane Trilogy was supposed to be finished in June 2018, but I didn’t make that deadline. Life and health got in the way. I finished My Haunted Bed & Breakfast only because it was a 20,000-word novella vs a 80,000-word novel.

I am determinable to finish Jessica’s Mission this year.

I work on it in sections. When I finish a section, I’m reworded with working on From Out of the Darkness. In between those weeks I’m thinking and plotting. I write my thoughts in a small notebook, which I read into the computer when the time comes.

This way when Jessica’s Mission is finished, From Out of the Darkness will be almost finished.

    * * *

From Out of the Darkness is the next novella in The Destiny Series.

Your Journey of The Destiny Series begins with the novella, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, which is available on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

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