Destiny: My Favorite TV Shows.

It is said that TV will rot our brains. But I like TV.

I was at lunch with friends who were proudly declaring they do not watch TV.

Twice the conversation changed to a subject they knew little about, but which I knew quite a lot about.

“How do you know that?” one of them asked.

“I watch TV,” I said and got a lot of strange looks.

Granted sitting in front of the TV all day will definitely rot one’s brain, but I’m not an all day TV watcher, because there are some interesting shows out there.

Three of my favorite are Lost, Once Upon A Time, and Manifest.

I’m not going to spend time on this post explaining each potline. I’ve linked their names to their Wikipedia page if you’re interested.

These shows have similar plotlines. They begin at the moment of change, a plan crash in Lost, Prince Charming wakes Snow White with a kiss in Once Upon A Time, and a plane disappears for five years then returns intact and no one on board has aged in Manifest.

The storyline moves forward showing us what happens to the characters. But the storyline also covers flashbacks to what happened in the past.

The past explains the right now. I’ve often had an “a ha” moment of surprise of something I had not thought about, but that detail enriched the plot.

Instead of rotting my brain, these TV shows have inspired me. I want to write a story with the same kind of plotline, which include flashbacks.

Too many times, I’ve either read or written a flashback as filler to the story, but these flashbacks are brilliantly timed to be apart of the plot.

I’m sure there are authors who have done the same thing, I’ve not read many. I’d welcome novels suggestions that you have read where the author used flashbacks as part of the plot.

I plan to use this idea in The Destiny Series. But for me it will be novellas that move from one time period to another.

I have more than one plotline in the series and sometimes I’ll have to go back into the past to explain the future. It will be a test of my brilliants. Ha. ;0)

Hopefully there will be “a ha” moments for you too.

What is your favorite TV show and why?

 * * *

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