Destiny: Nothing is New

The Bible says nothing under the sun is new. I’m beginning to believe it.

Plotting stories seems to be easier for me than naming characters and places I’ve created.

I combine letters together then Google the name only to learn it’s a famous person, a registered company, a city in Afghanistan, Delaware, or a famous fictional character. Such a bother.

I Googled the name of my first novel, Pegasus Colony. No one else was using that title, so I went with it.

I forgot to Google the name of my second novel, Storm’s Coming. Now when someone looks for that book, they get several other books with the same or similar name. If someone wants my book, they have to add my name, Phyllis Moore so that my book comes up.  I still like the name, it’s perfect for my story.

But . . .

I just realized forgot to Google the names of my next two books, From Out of the Darkness and Warriors 3.

From Out of the Darkness is an organization to help those who are thinking about suicide.

Warriors Three are Marvel comic book characters, Thor and his two buddies.

Which means, now I have to change the titles of my next two novellas. Darn. I already printed the book titles in the back of My Haunted Bed & Breakfast. (Yes, I did Google that book name.)

From Out of the Darkness will now be The Gods of Aghular. When I Google The Gods of Aghular, I get several references to me. Excellent!

I haven’t decided on Warriors 3 as of yet, but I will have to come up with a name before the next printing of My Haunted Bed & Breakfast.

Think anyone will notice the name changes? ;0)

Sometimes life and book publishing can be a little sloppy, but exciting.

 * * *

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