Friday Fictioneer: The Boots

Copyright – Adam Ickes

“I wanted to go on vacation.

He wanted to take the camper.

I wanted to park in the open field.

He wanted to park under the big old tree.”

“The storm?”

“It was awful. I thought the camper was going to roll over with us inside.”

“But you got out in time.”

“Just barely. The tree squashed our camper and truck. We lost everything.”

“If you lost everything, why do you still have those boots? You hate those boots.”

“That’s all I was wearing when I jumped out of the camper.”

“That must have been embarrassing.”

“Tell me about it.”

* * *

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts the writing challenge Friday Fictioneer. She posts a photo and we write a 100 word flash fiction about the photo.

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