I’m not a Quitter

I joined a gym two years ago, during January 2017. I didn’t think I’d like it. I’ve joined other gyms before, but I prefer being outside in the sun.

“Outside” in Minnesota is relative. The sun exists, but it doesn’t always shine and sometimes it’s just too cold, rainy, icy, or dreary.

I joined a gym thinking I’d be there until March, then I’d quit and spend as much time outside as I could. I chose the closest gym because it was easy to get to, two and half miles and one stop light away. Turned out I joined one of the better gyms in town. Two years later, I’m still there.

I don’t really look like I’ve been in the gym for two years. I’ve been recovering from a long-time illness, and have spent the last two years building up endurance and strength.

I didn’t have the energy to keep up with a class, so I chose the weight machines and a stationary bike.

There are so many machines. I didn’t know what to do with most of them. I decided to work with the trainer. Some people work with the trainer weekly, it helps motivate them, but as an author I’m already self-motivated. I get together with my trainer a couple of times a year.

Trainers are great, they know everything and are more than willing to help. They will push hard if you let them, or they will back off if you say no.

At first, my trainer didn’t understand why I couldn’t do everything he suggested, but, in time, he got it. He’s seen how far I’ve come and knows I’m not a quitter.

There were times I was so tired I stayed home and slept.

There were times I was tired, but went anyway and did as much as I could.

I still get tired, but it’s not as bad.

Now you’re wondering: what was wrong?

I had Adrenal Fatigue. I’m going to let you look that one up. Maybe some time later, I’ll post about it.

I’m healthy now, but I’m still working on strength and endurance.

I’ve had a few setbacks at the gym where I’d hit a wall and had to step back and start over. Good news: the wall is getting farther away, and now, when I step back, the plane is higher than the last time.

My next big adventure is taking a heart-training zone test, which I will post about next time.