One Park at a Time: The Swamp

I went on bike ride with my friend Jan on a path I’d never been on before.

We started in her yard, biked around a small lake, through a forest, through a family neighborhood, across a semi-busy street, passed a ball park, to the swamp.



This swamp was once destined to be just another subdivision. But there was too much water, so the city decided to let the water stay.

The area turned into a swamp, the trees died because of the water and swamp weeds replaced them.

Jan and I biked the board wall around and through the swamp.

Jan is a talker. She kept talking to me while she was several feet ahead. I of course could not hear her. I finally told her if she wanted to visit, we needed find a bench, which we did.

As we sat and visited, we saw birds in the swamp: two black birds with red on their wings; a white crane gracefully rose from the weeds, flew in and out of sight to finally settle in trees at the far end of the swamp; a robin sang to us, ducks, and geese flew overhead.

I wanted to take pictures, but the birds would suddenly appear. By the time I got my camera ready, they were gone. I left my camera on, so it and I would be read for the next bird. But by the time a bird(s) reappeared, my camera had turned off.

Someday, I plan to buy a really expensive camera that will be ready on a moment’s notice.

Nevertheless, Jan and I had a good visit and a fun ride.

Here is a picture of a duck nest in the swamp.